Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

/Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Krista is a busy little Sugar Shaker, so she is often out on sales calls with our favorite San Diego chefs. You can try to plan for it, but she cannot commit to being here.

Yes, we occasionally offer classes and can accept bookings for PRIVATE PARTY CLASSES – please understand the limited availability of this option and the necessity to change our team’s work schedule to accommodate your group. Minimum $75/person. If we’re not too busy, we’re happy to show you around briefly if you visit.

Yes, we sell to many fine hotels, restaurants, clubs, coffee companies, and stores at either wholesale or discounted pricing. If you hold a Resale License for food and would like more information or pricing, Please submit an online inquiry.

Please leave that to us. We want you to have enough but not so much that you leave feeling like no one ate anything. If you WANT LEFTOVERS, please order for that…don’t expect them, people will eat it. There are details & options that may affect the # of tiers on a design. Average party cake feeds: 6” round=10-12; 8” round=20-25; 10” round=30-35; 12” round=50-60

RANDOM: I don’t see pricing: How much would this cake cost? (html calculator for simple math on avg. cake prices) – impossible to price until designed – see R B-I site)

RUSH orders might be available within 48 hours if you’re flexible on flavor and if you’d consider cupcakes; please call for availability of date, and understand that there may be a RUSH FEE.

To secure your date onto our calendar: 50% down payment is due.
2-3 weeks prior to a major event: FINAL BALANCE MUST BE PAID + confirmation of all details & guest counts must be on approved invoice.

We currently accept CASH, checks, VISA, MasterCard + American Express.

Please ask for the full list of prices on each item if needed. Minis average $2.00-3.50/piece

Cakes are typically priced by number of SERVINGS they feed and the COMPLEXITY of the design. The more detail or time required, the more it’ll cost.

Remember: You + Your Cake are the 2 MOST PHOTOGRAPHED AND VISITED SHOWPIECES at the wedding by your guests. You want this to be the MOST SPECIAL DESSERT of your life. You want it to taste great if you’re spending the money on its beauty. Plan to spend at least as much as you would on dessert if you took these guests out to a nice restaurant…then account for it being hand-delivered.

We typically book 12-18 major events for pickup or delivery on weekends.

Yes + Yes. We have an incredible selection for display and will create magic for your wedding! A designer will assist you with your vision, but specific items cannot be guaranteed due to occasional loss or breakage)

Rentals are available, billed on a separate Rental Agreement. Just ask us!

Not unless you order them from us for a fee TBD. We suggest you hire your printer so they match the wedding. Otherwise we have some incredibly creative industry friends who do this for a living.

Not long. SUN, Birds, & Bugs love to mess with sweets. The best way to show you how long desserts will last in the sun is to have you put a stick of butter outside on a sunny day. How long does it hold its shape? That’s about your time-allowance. Your desserts will typically be set up BEFORE GUESTS ARRIVE for the party. It’s MUCH SAFER to display cake and desserts in an air conditioned space.

If you must have an outdoor display, please provide SOLID SHADE for the cake so that it does not melt in direct sun/heat.

Yes. While we highly recommend having a professional baker handle your delivery, some orders may be suitable for pickup (by family, friends, or wedding coordinators) at our bakery during specific times.

NOTE: If we do not handle the delivery, you are responsible for the order once it leaves the bakery.

  • Pick up at our shop is typically available most weekdays 8am-5pm and Saturdays 11am-1pm; please confirm ahead of time to ensure someone is here.

Yes + Yes.
Please send us the ADDRESS + TIME SLOT NEEDED for delivery, and we’ll provide you a QUOTE.
Delivery prices are based on location, time required, & logistics. (Costly logistics: walking 4-tier cakes down the beach sand; entering a military base; outdoor setups without tents; some private homes; golf cart entries like Zoo & Safari Park; etc.)

Yes, thanks for thinking of that.

  • Minimum order on Cupcakes = 1 dozen per flavor (2 dozen on mini cupcakes): 1 week’s notice for specific flavor requests; 2 days’ notice will be Baker’s choice
  • Minimum order Weddings = $200
  • Minimum order on party cakes = $85
  • Minimum order on Cookies = depends on the cookie type, please inquire

Yes. Cupcakes are generally delicious, inexpensive, and fun!

NOTE: They do require a DISPLAY or tray-passing, so plan for that expense, regardless if we or someone else provides the display items.

We do our best to work within financial constraints, but PLEASE bring us ideas with a reasonable budget. Pricing is based more on labor hours involved than on cake ingredients.

(*REMEMBER: It can take up to 5 days of someone’s time to create your cake, not including the planning phase…Please don’t expect “Cake Boss” cakes on a grocery store budget).

Then we are probably not the right place for you. Likely you won’t tell your guests that they’re eating cake from Costco (et. al), so it’s not fair to us -or Costco- if you say it’s ours.

(2-part answer)

  1. Everyone has a different version of the word “simple:” Please tell us what you mean. If budget is the issue. We’ll see what we can do to make suggestions. 🙂
  2. Yes, as long as we provide BOTH the cake + the sheet cake for you. This is a great way to keep your costs down if you are on a tight budget. It works most financially for parties > 150.

A classic (think: Duncan Hines) birthday cake is a “Single Tier Round” with 3 “Layers” hidden under the frosting.

A classic Wedding Cake has multiple “Tiers” for height. Our cake tiers are 3-layers each unless otherwise designed with you.

Our cakes & desserts are baked + decorated through the week of your event for peak freshness. Decorations may be started at least a week prior to the event if they require drying time.

Dummy/Faux/Fake Tiers are made of Styro foam. These are good options to create:

  • GRAND SIZE cake for a Small Size guest count.
  • OUTDOOR PRESENTATION for hot seasons.
  • SOLID GOLD or other Metallic Airbrush Tiers.

Fancy FAKE cakes may cost less than real; however, if you still need cake to feed your guests, it may be a wash.
Fake tiers are limited to FONDANT-ONLY DESIGNS: our buttercream doesn’t stick to Styrofoam.

Design: We will follow an inspiration photo from another designer; however, as artists ourselves, we will ask for “artistic license” with all designs. We may not have the exact tools that another designer uses or the experience with their personal style. Extra time or special equipment is often needed to follow someone else’s technique, so this may add cost $ to your quote.

Flavor: We use our own recipes for all products and cannot commit to copying anyone else’s flavor.

We sell EDIBLE toppers that we custom make for you – items made of sugar or chocolate, etc.. For NON-edible options, we are happy to refer you to some of the better quality sites for monogram, character, or laser cut topper styles.

MOST IMPORTANT: Please NO SURPRISE toppers. Sometimes the cake is not prepared for them. Ideal to tell us EVERYTHING that has to do with the cake table – spot lighting, special linens, table size & shape, flowers, candles, photos, menu cards, anything to make sure it looks AMAZING…

As a bakery, we provide only Sugar Flowers in designs. You must order FRESH flowers from your FLORIST.

We are happy to decorate with whatever fresh flowers your florist leaves for us at the cake table, but we need to know in advance to account for that time. If you have menu cards, flowers, candles, etc. that you’d like us to decorate the cake & table, please confirm with us in advance so we are all clear on what will look great and how much time it will require.

No, I’m so sorry.

Oh gosh, we hear this all the time… Of course. She’ll be THRILLED when the DJ gets everyone singing to her on YOUR special day. You rock for thinking of her. Be sure to order exactly what this person would like.

Yes, absolutely!  These are typically designed in theme or flavor specifically for the groom or 2nd spouse in same-sex wedding couples.  Sculpted (shaped as a fish, a dog, a car, etc.) or just a fun, funky flavor can be a great SURPRISE for your soon-to-be-spouse!

About Groom’s & Partner Cakes

WHY?: Many clients find the groom’s or Partner’s cake so much fun because it’s a way to give the groom special attention when otherwise most of the attention & decisions are given to the bride’s details. Interestingly, with the advent of so many same sex weddings, we find that one of the future spouses is still always more involved in the details than the other…we have made many fun & creative cakes for same sex wedding clients, not just grooms – FUN!!

History: Dating back to Victorian England, sneaky folklore says that a groom’s cake was cut & boxed up as a Guest Favor to the unmarried women guests. They were expected to put these boxed slices of cake under their bed pillow that night, in hopes that they might dream of their future husband (excuse me, what??? Don’t tell me single women after a wedding aren’t EATING this cake before bed!) The idea of a groom’s cake made its way to the United States, and its popularity – especially since the movie “Steel Magnolias” and the Red Velvet Armadillo – has erupted!

Flavor Decisions: These cakes are whatever flavor your significant other tends to prefer (usually something totally different from the wedding cake). Think dark chocolate cake soaked in whiskey with salted caramel buttercream; Marble with OREO filling; or Banana cake with Peanut Butter…yum! This is a fantastic chance to get creative.

When to Serve it: Many people serve this cake in addition to a wedding cake so that everyone gets to see it. However, if you have a large wedding cake or lots of other desserts at the wedding, we suggest serving the cake at the Rehearsal Dinner, where usually your closest family & friends are sharing a fun, relaxed time and can really get a chuckle out of a SCULPTED, creative cake. What FUN to showcase a favorite sports team, pet, favorite travel or activity, or anything in CAKE FORM!!!

Yes. You may order our delicious, personalized cookies for your guests – please inquire. Crystal sugar, painted, fancy decorated, and even photos of YOU can be a super fun gift that guests will take home and eat (or share with their kids who weren’t invited to the wedding).

We offer many delicious recipes that fit into dietary restrictions and are very sanitary in our production; however, are not a 100% allergen-free kitchen. We operate in a facility that works with all of these allergens. Please inquire.

We suggest 2-3 minis per person, it depends on how lush you want your table to look.

We suggest 3-6 options, depending on your guest count.

Yes, we design awesome dessert stations. Please see the full Menu of options.

Typically no. Unless Vegan Icing is desired, we frost all of our cakes in luscious Italian Buttercream (ITBC), which is very silky and delicate, somewhat similar in texture to whipped cream. It can even LOOK like fondant, but it cannot always ACT like fondant. If your design REQUIRES fondant, then we will add a THIN WRAP of fondant over the buttercream. Or, we can guide you to Non-Fondant designs.
{Please note: in 2011 USDA laws require non-transfat based fondant. This new law has altered the texture of fondant products that can lead us to suggesting alternative options for certain designs. We still suggest fondant when your design requires deep color or heavy fondant/sugar decor over it.}

  • “Classic White Wedding Cake” = Vanilla Bean Cake with Almond Buttercream
  • “The Bomb Diggity” = Blackout Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel & Spiced Buttercreams
  • “We’re totally NUTS” = Pistachio Cake filled with Hazelnut & Coconut Buttercreams
  • “Serious So-Cal” = Lemon Citrus Cake filled with Fresh Lemon Curd + Raspberry Cream
  • “Spicy Babes” = Cheebee’s Best Carrot Cake with Cinnamon-Spiced Buttercream
  • “Dolce Italiano” = Tiramisu with Latte Cream Cheese

Check out all our flavors here.

Well, here are questions we’ll need to know so that we can guide you: WHAT flavors do you typically like (Are you into chocolate? Fruit? Spices? Nuts?) How important are sweets to your event? Is anyone ALLERGIC to an ingredient? Do you want BASIC, or do you want WOW FACTOR?

1 week up to 1 month… It depends on what you want and how busy we’ll be when you want it. Some of those nifty little decorations you envisioned require days of drying time. Super cool cakes can require weeks of creative planning.

Depending on our level of business that week, simple cakes & cupcakes MIGHT be available to order as soon as the day before your party, but we bake everything TO ORDER, so best to order ahead.

Depending on your event date, we suggest booking as soon as you make up your mind and at least 3-6 months in advance of your wedding. To SECURE your date, we require a down payment & contract* (*If your cake is included through a Venue Package, down payment may not apply.)

When possible, please schedule a consultation 3-6 months in advance of your event, possibly more if you are getting married or hosting a party in peak months (July-November).

Please note that January-March is the busiest time for tasting appointments, but we’ll do our best to get you scheduled.
We are typically booked 2-3 weeks out for appointments, but QUICK PICKUPS are more flexible.

Tastings are set up for 2 people but can be shared as you wish.
Yes, there is a charge for your tasting, unless you book through one of our contracted venues. They should let you know if that is the case. Link to tasting options here.

Our pleasure, that’s what we do. Please submit an inquiry and plan to come in for a consultation.

We’re sorry, we don’t. We are actually a kitchen + office (that doubles as our tasting room for the 1-hour consults). Everything we make is BY ADVANCED ORDER. Please email, call, or submit an inquiry here.

We are open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We do not have any cakes pre-made for sale. Every cake we make is custom made to order from start to finish.
Call our OFFICE (619) 269-CAKE (2253) during these hours to book an appointment:
Mon-Thursday, 9am-4pm
Friday, 9am-2pm
Saturday, 11am-1pm (limited staff – here for appointments, order pickups, + deliveries only)
Sunday (office closed; available for deliveries only)

Click here for Google Maps link.

We work out of our commercial kitchen, located in the center of San Diego area, near where major highways intersect: I-8, I-15 + I-805.

Alvarado Canyon Rd. is a FRONTAGE ROAD that runs alongside I-8 east. We are in the 3rd building down the driveway from the road.

Suite A is the END UNIT of the business park, closest to the big trolley parking lot.

  1. Please scan through our FAQ pages first. We will answer a lot for you below…
  2. Submit an INQUIRY (Link)
  3. Schedule an appointment for samples, consult, or simply let us know how we can help.
  4. Choose a Design or have us create something Custom for you.
  5. Are you providing anything special for the design? (topper? Flowers? Verbiage for inscription?)
  6. Make a Down payment to know that your date is secured on our calendar.
  7. Decide on Delivery or Pickup, and tell us if you need display from our Rental Options.
  8. Ensure we have all appropriate contact names & cell #’s for the Event Date.
  9. Pay your balance.
  10. Time to pick up or receive delivery…now ENJOY your cake or desserts!

Yummmm, let’s start with our icing = Italian Buttercream…as if that wasn’t enough deliciousness. We sell at a PREMIUM PRICE, based on the following: We use 60% Single-Sourced Cacao chocolates, local & imported pureed fruits, and the best recipes in our arsenal. We create unique desserts & cakes to suite your taste, style, and size. Each cake, filling, and frosting is made with original recipes TO ORDER with local produce, dairy, & local veg-fed chickens’ eggs. {We do not use shortening or artificial flavoring unless requested.}

Please see our PRICING LINK for a full list of AVERAGE PRICES to give you an idea.