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These are the WOW, the “OMG!” and the masterpiece of a party! They are also the most costly cakes we make. They require an artist with a lot of time & stress. Cakes that are built in any shape OTHER THAN round, rectangle, or square would be considered SHAPED. Cakes that require a Sculptor’s artistic ability would be considered SCULPTED, or 3-D. We have created stereos, headphones, cars, dogs, candy bars, pickles, jars of Nutella, bottles of wine, Tequila, & Beer, Sports jerseys and helmets, buildings, giant tubs of pistachios, and a cat drinking out of a toilet bowl…among other things. We can generally handle any request, but it takes a lot of time to plan, build, and magically create these items in perishable cake form. Please be patient and plan with your budget.

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Sculpted & 3D Cake Flavors

  • Most of our standard wedding cakes available as Sculpted/3-Dimensional Cakes so please refer to Wedding Cake Flavors for a complete selection.
  • Filling options may be selected from our real butter cream options only.
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The Cats Meow! 9 Years, 9 Lives + Some Crazy Cat Ladies

Sweet Cheeks' Birthday parties are well known for FUN, YUM, and a little bit o' CRAZY!  This year, as we celebrated 9 years in business, we chose the "9 Lives" theme of...yup, CATS. About 350 people showed up - some in ears & tails, others with their own stuffed animals, most just to have a great time & taste AMAZING DESSERTS in cat-inspired style!  From kitty litter cakes to Grumpy Cat Cake, cakes to make the Cake Boss sigh... Gluten Free Desserts to funny edible cat hair balls (coconut, that is)...people were stealing the to-go boxes once again!!! Huge Thanks go out to friends who help with their talents, time, and donations: CATERING: Personal Touch Dining ESPRESSO CATERING: Joes on the Nose PHOTOGRAPHY:  Emilio Azevedo Photography DJ/MUSIC: ProMotion Entertainment FLOWER CENTERPIECES:  Adorations Botanical Artistry ENTRY BEVERAGES & FLORAL ARCH: Embellishmint Floral & Event Design Studio INCREDIBLE DESSERT DISPLAY BY:  Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. team!

Craft Beer & Pizza, Who Could Resist?

Those crafty folks at Craft Films put together this terrific wedding video for Molly & Brendan at Hotel Del Coronado, and we were so psyched to see both of our cakes (the super elegant wedding cake AND the DEEP DISH PIZZA CAKE and BEER GLASS CAKE for Brendan...too much fun!) Beautifully Coordinated by Paige Jensen of Bliss Events, the evening flowed with seamless grace & fabulous fun!    

A Food Network Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday, Gale Gand, from Sweet Cheeks Baking Co! One of FOOD Network's finest pastry chefs and James Beard Award Winning Chef celebrated her birthday during this year's outstanding San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival - specifically during the first annual ONE WORLD BEEF - "Celebrate the Chef" Event that the festival showcased. The party lasted all day, located at the Del Mar Racetrack, a fun setting for both festival goers and Birthday Girls! Del Mar Racetrack on a stellar San Diego day! Top chefs showed off their delicious beef recipes, pairing it with anything from bacon to marmalade, habanero to Uni (sea urchin, my favorite little delicacy).  Our own Top Chefs from the Sweet Cheeks Baking Kitchen added in Gale's birthday cake to WOW the masses of taste-frenzied Foodies.  Um, wait a second... Are we talking Wagyu beef AND Sweet Cheeks cake in one setting??? "YES, PLEASE!" Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. was asked to create a "simple" Day At The Races-inspired cake for Gale to cut. We enjoyed every moment of the design, execution, and even delivery! Our fabulous Michael Banag was on site to share with her and capture a minute of laughs. Gale's surprise & excitement about her cake made our day!!!! Tickled - cute! Sweet Cheeks Pastry Chef Michael enjoying a quick moment of fun with Celebrity Chef Gale Gand! Given the Wine Festival setting and the unique client, we selected our Vanilla Bean Sour Cream Cake, [...]