Mini Desserts, Dessert Buffets, Cookies & More

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Deliciously fun, mini treats in various assortments. We say they are 2-bite size for most of us (some of us 3 bites, other in one gulp…yup!) Beautiful gems of fresh berry toppers, hand painted details, glistening gold leaf, and sparkle dust – just imagine how stunning your dessert bar will be!

  • Most mini cupcakes, cake bites, & mini desserts are 1.5″ x 1.5″ (2-bite) size
  • Cookies available in mini or standard 3” size
  • Cake Shots are shot glass size
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Cookie Flavors

Classic to creative, rustic to elegant, these wonderful cookie choices pile up the goodness on a beautiful platter. For more personalized cookies, send us some themes so we can suggest ideas.

  • GF MONSTER-PB-oatmeal-choc chip
  • Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Hot & Spicy Dark Chocolate Cookie
  • Lemon Lavender Shortbread
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
  • White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie
  • Cake Cookies – Red & White Velvet, Chocolate-Peanut Butter Chip, or Confetti Birthday Cake
  • Sugar cookie (fancy hand painted or simple crystal sugared)
  • Printed Logo & Photo cookie Favors
  • Holiday cookies – shapes, crystal sugar
  • Holiday Gingerbread (seasonal)
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Mini Dessert Flavors

  • Sparkling Fruit Tarts ~ Filled with Lemon, Mango, Passion Fruit, Key Lime, or Guava with option of torched meringue or fresh seasonal berry
  • Cream Fruit Tarts* ~ Filled with cream & topped with fresh seasonal berries
  • Crumble Pies ~ Apple or Berry Crumb with sugar snow
  • Brownie Bites ~ with Chocolate Rosette
  • Lemon Bars ~ with sugar snow & candied lemon peel
  • Creamy Cheesecake Shots (gf) ~ New York Cheesecake layered with Graham Cracker Crust with option of cream cheese or raspberry cream rosette
  • Mini Cupcakes (gf) (v) ~ All regular cupcake flavors available excluding marble
  • Presidential Pecan Diamonds ~ Recipe direct from The White House, crunchy Pecan Pie style mini
  • Fluffy Lemon-Coconut Pillows (gf) ~ Vanilla Bean Cake covered in Fresh Lemon Curd & rolled in Unsweetened Grated Coconut
  • Bomb Diggity ~ Spicy dark chocolate cookie layered with dark chocolate ganache & salted caramel buttercream
  • Pop Hearts ~ Raspberry, Strawberry, Brown Sugar, Nutella, or Chocolate-filled handmade pastry hearts or rectangles
  • Rice Krispy Treats*
  • Whoopee Pies*
  • Classic Cookies (1oz) (gf)(v)
    • Chocolate Chip
    • Oatmeal Raisin
    • GF Monster
    • Sea Salt Chocolate Chip
    • Flavored Shortbreads
  • Cake Cookies (1oz) (gf) (v)
    • Pumpkin-Chocolate Chip
    • Red Velvet
    • Chocolate-Peanut Butter
  • Mini Crystal Sugar Cookies ~ Square or Round with your choice of colored sugar
  • Decorated Sugar Cookies ~ CUSTOM shape & design
  • Cookie Wedding Favors
    • Edible Photo Cookie: square/rectangle
    • Crystal Sugar Cookies: approx 3” – 5” CUSTOM shape with your choice of colored sugar
    • Gift-wrapped cookie of choice in clear bags with choice of ribbon

(gf) – Gluten free option available

(v) – Vegan option available

*Not available for Tastings. (While we offer this dessert, it is not available for tasting due to the time and/or complexity they require)

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Mini Parfait Cake Shot Flavors (gf) (v)

  • Pumpkin Spiced Latte ~ Smashing Pumpkin cake layered with latte cream cheese and Spiced buttercream.
  • Red Velvet Lovelies ~ Red Velvet cake layered with white chocolate mousse and Cream Cheese Frosting.
  • S’mores ~ Rich chocolate Blackout cake with a Graham Cracker Crust, Chocolate Truffle frosting, topped with toasted Mini Marshmallows
  • Chocolate 50/50 ~ Marbled (vanilla/chocolate swirl) cake layered with Belgian chocolate mousse and White chocolate buttercream top with chocolate nibs
  • Coffee, Coffee, Coffee! ~ Tiramisu cake with a Kahlúa-infusion, Latte Cream Cheese & Italian Buttercream, topped with cocoa dust and coffee beans
  • Tropical Dreams ~ Lemony So Cal Citrus cake with Tangy Passion Fruit Curd & Cream Cheese Frosting, topped with glittered coconut & pearl crunchies (fresh berry optional)

(gf) – Gluten free option available

(v) – Vegan option available

Ready for Some Desserts?

Edible Party Favors

We all go to parties and come home with some random gift that we KNOW our friends spent money on for us guests. Want something delicious, personal, and FUN to embellish your dessert display and for your guests to take home at the end of the party?

Personalized Cookie Favors decorated with:

  • Photo of your engagement session
  • Painted monogram
  • Themed design
  • Corporate logo
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Cookies & Desserts Galore


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Sweet Cheeks Sends Cookies to Qatar

The Holidays can bring out the giving spirit in people, but for us it is year-round! This year we put extra LOVE into this shipment of custom cookies for some of our Air Force troops out in Qatar.  A combination of classic cookies, troop badge logo cookies, and rainbow sugar cookies brought JOY & laughs to the team there.  Their appreciation (including an amazing video they sent us of opening the special boxes!), even given their cookies were probably less fresh than normal (due to the 3-5 week shipping times to military bases), was a GIFT in itself back to us this holiday season.   Special thanks go out to our Kayla and Rick for getting this order out with all of the extra logistics involved!  Well worth it for sure...   We couldn't be more proud of our troops and we thank you immensely for your service.   PS: Notice the smashed chocolate chip cookies. This just shows the grueling travel that both our service people AND their treats need to go through to get overseas!

Sweet Hazel – Our Community’s Little Angel

Beautiful Altbaum Family portrait Hazel Altbaum's name has carried through our wedding & events circle - through Healing Hazel fund raisers, blood drives, donations, and regular updates - for her 2 year struggle with a very aggressive Leukemia.  Hazel, Hazey, Hazel Bug, Hazelnut,...the true giggle-monster is now a precious angel. "And though she be but little, she is fierce" Words cannot express the sadness & loss that must come from losing a child.  We shall commit to continue supporting our friends in their grief and in helping surviving daughter Raya through the loss of her baby sister.  Through this, we also respect the incredible gift that comes from knowing such a pure and kind little soul.  The child who loved eating sprinkles one-by-one, who relished in buttercream, cheesey mac-n-cheese, and French fries, the child who brought us more of a purpose. This little Hazel-bug lived as much of her life in Rady's Children's Hospital than at home.  Nurses, caregivers, and doctors - also touched by this incredible tiny patient and her joyful laugh & strength - joined over 100 friends and family for a Celebration of her life in a beautifully serene garden at Estancia La Jolla. Eloquently spoken words by friends Bethel Nathan & Rachel Peniche, and by Joanne - one of Rady's finest caregivers - and even the truest most poignant letter, written by her incredible parents Tim & Lynn and read by dear friend Amanda, held a silent audience in awe...speechless.   Many others, [...]

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Holy Cow!  It's INCREDIBLE!!!  We're already celebrating 10 YEARS??? The Perfect "10" Cake - Citrus with Raspberry cream 1, Pistachio with Almond buttercream 0 When the 2 of us Cheeks started out, during the financial crusher of 2007, we never dreamed we'd soon be creating 400+ wedding cakes a year or that we'd be spotted on TV by friends all over the world (my buddy in Thailand just saw us on Discovery Channel recently!!!) Our 1st Year in business 2007! (The day FOOD Network found us!) We have exceeded even our own expectations during these first 10 years with incredibly talented artisans & bakers of Team Cheeks, creating so many beautiful & delicious memories, friendships, and THANK-YOUS to show for it.  What a journey it's been! Cheeks of 2017: Our amazing team of talented and fun people are the key. ...Sometimes it's ALL ABOUT THE PARTY: Sweet Cheeks has become known for FUN!  We love parties - going and throwing them!  Personal & Industry Friends, Family, and everyone's KIDS are almost always on the party list.*  Most years we host in our own kitchen, but when we're feeling especially spirited, we go all out and pick a favorite venue in San Diego...  For our very special 10-year anniversary, I wanted to honor my mom & dad, who created the most incredibly fun parties by throwing a COUNTRY FAIR every year at our small farm in NJ. Dad organizing hay bales while the kids play in the barn [...]