Krista Bridal Shower - Lauren's setup, Cavin Elizabeth photo

Celebration Cakes & Dessert Bars

Dessert…it’s personal.  Before calling to order a cake from a bakery, consider having the following information in mind:

1. WHO is the cake celebrating?  Boy/Girl; Man/Woman; Couple?  Age of celebrant?  What do they like/what is their style? Favorite color? Favorite past-time?  What would BEST REPRESENT this person or these people?

Bridal shower cakes * Baby shower cakes * 1st Birthday Smash Cakes * Bachelorette/Erotic cakes (please call, adults only) * Weddings * Bar/Bat Mitzvah cakes * Quincinera cakes * Anniversary Cakes * Birthday cakes * Graduation cakes*

2. WHAT flavor do you/they like?  How much do they like sweets?  Is anyone ALLERGIC to an ingredient?  Do they have expectations of grandeur or something more homespun?

3. HOW MUCH does your budget allow?  We do our best to work within financial constraints, but… PLEASE bring us ideas within a reasonable budget (a sculpted car/animal/house/etc. takes days, please don’t expect “Cake Boss” cakes on a grocery store budget).   Estimate $3-4/person for our delicious 3-layer sheet format and from $7-$14/person for more involved designs, and typically $350-2,000/cake for sculpted forms;  pricing is based more often on labor hours involved than on cake ingredients.  (***REMEMBER:  It can take up to 5 days of someone’s time to create your cake, not including the planning phase…)

Please see our PRICING link for more information.

4. WHEN do you need the cake?  Some of those nifty little decorations require days of drying time; cool cakes can require weeks of creative planning; depending on the level of business that week, simple cakes & cupcakes may be available to order as soon as the day before your party, but we bake everything TO ORDER.  We recommend 2 weeks to 3 months for any cake designs.

5. WHERE does the cake need to go?  Do you require DELIVERY, or is someone able to pick it up and store it until the party?  Once there, will there be SHADE or COVER for the cake so that it does not melt in direct sun/heat?

Please see our gallery of all types of cakes and note the drop down menues for other options.

Please note:  in 2011 USDA laws require non-transfat based fondant.  This new law has altered the texture of fondant products that can lead us to suggesting alternative options for certain designs.  We typically suggest fondant when your design requires deep color or heavy fondant/sugar decor over it.