Martha Stewart Loves Sweet Cheeks!

September 9th, 2014

Yay! A welcome nod from Martha Stewart Weddings to a gorgeous wedding cake we made to fit a spectacular watercolor theme at San Diego Museum…


Watercolor wedding

Watercolor wedding

Thanks to the lovely & stylishly talented Heather at Amorology Weddings for her insanely fun ideas and to Joielala Photography for their stunning & soft light images!

Baking in Watercolors at the museum! Love the detail of ingredients & tabletop paper by Amorology!

Baking in Watercolors at the museum! Love the detail of ingredients & tabletop paper by Amorology!

Guest Chefs in the Kitchen!

June 15th, 2014

What amazing friends we have in this industry! We do whatever we can for them, especially our chef buddies …and no better way for them to show their appreciation of SWEET CHEEKS than to cook for US! Woo hoo!!!!

One blessed morning, in came Chefs Mark & Justin from Loew’s Coronado Resort to create some outstanding morning fare for our team. We probably did not deserve this, but they even catered to EACH of our insane dietary restrictions – can you say “High Maintenance?”

Chef Mark Ching was recently hired as the new Executive Chef at the Loew’s Hollywood Hotel (go Markie!), so we miss him & our beloved Laurel (AKA “Red Velvet Baby”)terribly. Chef Justin still helps to man the fort here in San Diego at the beautiful Loew’s Coronado Bay Resort, one of our awesome clients who represent Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. desserts both on the ROOM SERVICE MENU and in the hotel Café!



Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (24) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (26) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (27) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (28) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (29) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (32) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (33) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (10) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (11) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (13) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (17) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (18) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (19) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (20) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (2) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (3) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (5) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (6) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (8) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (9) (800x531)

Omelette breakfast, Loewe's chefs cook for us (7) (800x531)

Laurel & Mark, we miss you guys very much here. You will always be such inspiring friends; thank you so much again for all that you have done and all that you do for us!

JUMP! Beachside Wedding for Chad & Heather

June 5th, 2014
Calm before the storm

Calm before the storm


What a twist on the traditionally perfect serenity of a perfectly sunny-happy wedding day…Jumpin’ Jivin’ Bride Heather McHottie (McCluskey) kicks it into gear with background volume from DJ Andy… and BAM! “I get UP, and nothing gets me down… JUMP!”

Not your typically nervous bride...

Not your typically nervous bride…

Leave it to Heather Elise & Chad to bring down the house with some Van Halen for their wedding march…just perfect.  Thanks DJ Andy! We all have those friends who are not afraid, who tackle life – its joys and its pains – with a SMILE, a HUG, and a PROMISE.  Thank God for those friends! electric on approach
Heather & Chad met about five years ago and started dating… two lovely singles, primes of their lives…but it just wasn’t the right timing. Fast-forward a few years, and some serious kindling hit the fires! Whew! JUMP is right! Chad didn’t miss his opportunity to catch Heather the 2nd time around. On an evening hike up Torrey Pines Preserve – sorry, Bodey, no dogs allowed there! – he proposed to her after only 8 months. No question, this marriage is made in SMILES, not just stars! Hot damn, you can feel the love all over!

Glowing with smiles & love!

Glowing with smiles & love!

San Diego natives Chad & Heather share an innate love for the ocean and all the fun associated with it, like surfing, paddling, swimming, water polo, and beach hiking. They chose a fitting color scheme of oceanic blues & Garibaldi (CA State fish) oranges – what perfectly juicy colors for the wedding party’s beach attire and Suzan M Florals’ punch-filled bouquets:
natural beauties vert juicy flower bouquets, Suzan M



Beach themed weddings are clearly a specialty in San Diego, but since we needed to WOW the mix of Heather’s friends and fellow wedding vendors. Our Sweet Cheeks Design Team immediately designed an ombre-colored aqua-teal wedding cake, adding touches of soft butter cream “surf,” white chocolate starfish, and some super-decked out sugar starfish décor…

starfish cake

Heather, a certified sea-lover (and my weekly stand-up paddling companion!), highlights stunning colors in her outstanding professional photography (you MUST SEE Heather Elise Photography).

Chad coaches some of the finest young water polo players in the area – both at Palomar College and Poway High School – and puts his heart into all the students on his teams.

…now check out the cutie petutie water polo groom’s cake we made as a special gift for Chad! Um, yes, please…coconut cake with peanut butter Butter Cream? Holy deliciousness! (Heather said they ate it for breakfast all week; they are my role models.)

groom's cake, water polo!

Fellow vendors in action that night included the ever-”fantastic” Carmin Cermak of Carmin Design

heather with diva coordinator carmin

DJ Andy Hagenah of Starlight Photobooth (Michael & I snuck into the booth…and this blog, apparently!)

Hams for Life

Hams for Life

Disc Go Round and The Groove

Focus Andy...

Focus Andy…

…and the, ever-silly, crazy cats of film – Joe Park of Joe Park Films & Andy of Andy King Photography
grumpies, Joe & Andy

Another HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT for us vendors is this CAKE-EATING DOCU-DOODLE created…uh, later in the evening… Many thanks to Joe Park Films for this insanely awesome VIMEO video which sent us so many delicious praises…between the psycho killer coordinator & videographer, the too-cool DJ, the over-the-top cake-lover bride, and the hysterical baker, we don this the FUNNIEST CAKE VIDEO EVER!

We know that for Heather & Chad this day will forever hold precious memories, thanks to so many wonderful family & friends in their lives. We can only account for a small portion of it here…but we’re so grateful to know & love them and to have shared a part of this BIG DAY!!!

This blog post would not be complete without a quick nod to their #1 fan and champion of cliff jumping, Mr. Bodey Himself – who graced the gift take-aways for all of their guests…so sweet

Always Sweet, Bodey

Always Sweet, Bodey

Thank you, our dear friend Heather, for lighting up our lives with JOY & SUNSHINE! We love you so very much.

jump heather pre wedding

Personally, I know Chad secretly thought: “Ohh there she stands in a silken gown Silver lights shining down” – Van Halen “Love Walks In”

Eddie Van Halen JUMP!

Eddie Van Halen JUMP!

40th Birthday for Our Favorite Karaoke Lover

April 18th, 2014

Sometimes blog posts come across as impersonal or simplistic… It is with great LOVE & ENTHUSIASM that I savor the 40th Birthday celebration of our neighbor & wonderful friend Jason!!!  Thank you for all that you do for so many of us, You Handsome Hunky Wild Man!

Not a DAY over 39, my friend!

Not a DAY over 39, my friend!

Not only has he joined the ranks of “those over 40″ with some of us, but he has enriched our lives with vibrant sounds of (read: Tone Deaf) Karaoke (can you sing Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” any better?) through the walls of our Little Italy loft.

In order to create this KARAOKE SPEAKER CAKE, we borrowed one of his speakers with the explanation that we needed it for our own party…he was none the wiser.

JasonBarnes' 40th birthday, karaoke cake, Sweet Cheeks Baking (20) (800x531) Edible Microphone sugar Jason's 40th birthday, karaoke cake, Sweet Cheeks Baking (19) (800x531) music speaker karaoke cake, kitchen photos, Sweet Cheeks Baking (3) (531x800)


We LOVE Jason, David, and all of their amazing friends who helped us to put together this outstanding surprise party, celebrating his love of Karaoke parties…with an ode to his favorite Michael Jackson…and Jason played the part like a ROCKSTAR!!!

JasonBarnes' 40th birthday, karaoke cake, Sweet Cheeks Baking (289) (531x800) JasonBarnes' 40th birthday, karaoke cake, Sweet Cheeks Baking (277) (800x531)

Michael Jackson's Muse

Michael Jackson’s Muse

Amazing friends & family created a photo booth, taped hilarious & incredibly touching selfie videos, and reveled for hours amongst Tequila & tacos…yum!

An ode to the boys…who were not invited…and are clearly unruly about it:

Rambunctious Pooches

Rambunctious Pooches

Tools of the Baker’s Trade

April 8th, 2014

Sometimes it’s just the beauty of the kitchen, the cake pans and the baking basics that brings us inspiration…well, that and the exquisite photography of some of San Diego’s finest shooters!

During one of our Sweet Cheeks parties, Eddie Bojorquez caught a quick pic during the rain of our entrance at night – so cool, he is a master with a lens:

Studio 512 Photography...Captured at night

Studio 512 Photography…Captured at night

Whisks may well provide some of the FINEST Italian Meringue Butter Cream on the planet, but they also share a beauty of curve, form, and style…without the fine whisks we would never get the elegant mouthfeel of whipped frostings.

kitchen whisk for Donna's biz cards

Donna’s fave…caught by Studio 512 Photography’s Eddie Bojorquez

Photos by Darin Fong Photography.... "delicious!"

Photos byDarin Fong Photography…. “delicious!”


Some of our favorite items = PANS

Cake pans, cooking pans, saute pans, all help us get through our day of cooking & baking tasty treats:

hanging pans, David Bain Photography (532x800)

David Bain Photography

Studio 512

Studio 512 photo

…and last but never least, the grand Madame Mixers!  Without the help of small machines, our little hands would never be able to keep up with demand for our delicious batters.

987C1644.CR2 cake batter, David Bain Photography (800x800)Many thanks go out to our amazing photographic genius friends at:

:: Studio 512

:: Darin Fong Photography

:: Leeland (David) Bain Photography

Now go start baking!

Bumble Bee 1st Birthday Party!

April 4th, 2014

Black & Yellow colors add splash & fun to any party.   These colors work for both male or female when combined… thinking Ferrari, insects, taxi cabs, and lightening bolts – woo hoo!

Reema asked us to make some goodies to enhance the candy & dessert station she wanted to put together for her two youngins sharing their birthday party together.

Kids' bumble bee colors create festive fun!

Kids’ bumble bee colors create festive fun!

So many great additions make a great looking set up for a DIY party at home.  Here’s what we selected for Reema’s party:

:: Crystal Sugar cookies

:: Mini cupcakes:  Vanilla Bean with Fudge Frosting and Italian Butter Cream

:: Mini Pop Tarts (chocolate and raspberry fillings!) with yellow & black striped royal icing

:: Tropical Coconut Cake with Lemon Butter Cream

:: Vanilla Bean Cake with Vanilla Butter Cream

Bumble Bee cookies, black & yellow desserts, Sweet Cheeks (5) Bumble Bee cookies, black & yellow desserts, Sweet Cheeks (6) Bumble Bee cookies, black & yellow desserts, Sweet Cheeks (3)  Bumble Bee cookies, black & yellow desserts, Sweet Cheeks (4)

Photos taken by our very own Lauren Rennie…Dessert Diva Extraordinaire!

Kids + Cake = True LOVE!!!

February 25th, 2014

Kids love cake almost as much as our team of bakers & decorators love cake! These days it’s astounded us how many children come in to our Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. kitchen and get so excited to help design their own cakes. So much fun!

We put together a quick line up of this past week’s creations – some with more elaborate details, others with tighter budgets in mind…ALL delicious and super fun!

Toy Story cake, Sweet Cheeks (3) (531x800)

5 yr old kids unicorn rainbow birthday cake, Sweet Cheeks


Ok, some kids are “older” than others…


Brady's Fire Truck Birthday Cake,  (598x800)

fire truck cake, Sweet Cheeks (1) (800x531)

kids cakes, Sweet Cheeks (531x800)

Mario Bros game cake topper, Sweet Cheeks (531x800)

Mario Brothers cake, 6 yr old, Sweet Cheeks (531x800)

Monsters Inc cake, Mike Wozowski, Sweet Cheeks Baking Co (13) (531x800)

One Direction Simple Cake, Sweet Cheeks (1) (531x800)

Baking at Home Made Easier!

January 4th, 2014

Recently we were asked to review some adorable (super colorful!) new silicone baking cups from the line “Baking Buddies,” and we wanted to share these little gems for you home bakers.

As silicone, they eliminate the needs for both cupcake PANS (yes, really) and paper cupcake wrappers, so you can just peel them off the cakes once baked.  For our commercial use, they are note realistic, but most of our cakes came out very easily.

baking buddies

You can purchase them here for about $9/for dozen of them.  Fun!  Happy Baking!

Real Weddings ~ features we’re included in from over the web!

December 31st, 2013

As 2013 comes to an end, and 2014 is practically upon us, we’d like to pause and reflect on some of the events and/or weddings that we may not have blogged about.

We have the best jobs, truly, and to be able to create wedding/special event cakes for those in San Diego (getting married) is an honor.  In particular, we love weddings! And, we definitely love cake.  So naturally, making cakes for weddings is one of our passions!  That kinds of reads like a lame SAT question, but some of the weddings that we have been a part of have been anything but lame!

We try to feature as many of the events that Sweet Cheeks takes part in, but at times, it’s difficult.  At times, it may be easiest to rely on the posts of our friends and fellow wedding vendors!  So in this post we will mention a couple special weddings that sum up the success that 2013 was for us!

Del Mar Wedding

Manny and Nicki:

This adorable couple used San Diego as a destination wedding location.  Manny + Nicki are from Houston, Texas, and in this gorgeous wedding at L’Auberge in Del Mar, seaside style was the focus: think pastel colors, starfish details, and an outdoor setting with the sound of the wave crashing.  Visit the blogs of both the Floral Designer, Jennifer Cole Florals, and the Photographer, Archetype Studio, Inc., respectively, for amazing images


Liz + Alex:

Liz + Alex, Arizona-based, also used San Diego as a destination wedding location, yet for this adorable couple, they opted for the simplicity of the San Diego Rowing Club as their reception location.  Their wedding had sea-inspired elements, yet their colors were vibrant, and their details more DIY.  Yet, do not mistake DIY as less elegant.  This wedding was so well thought out and so beautifully decorate that Exquisite Weddings Magazine featured it on their blog, and that is no easy feat!


Q + A – Insight into how a baker prepares for her own wedding!

December 26th, 2013

We connect with most of our brides, but when we have an extra-special connection with one, well, it is pretty exciting!  This is the case for one of our special Sweet Cheeks bakers, Katrina!  Katrina recently got married to Sam, and as a wedding baker insider, we thought it would be interesting to hear from Katrina how it was planning her own wedding, specifically her wedding cake :)  Read on for details and for pics courtesy of E3 Photography….

San Diego Wedding

1) How long have you worked with Sweet Cheeks Baking Co.?

In early 2010, I did an internship at Sweet Cheeks Baking (SCBC) while I was attending the Art Institute of SD.  Upon graduation (months later), I got hired!  It has been almost 4 years & I can honestly say I get up every day & am excited to start my day!

2) As an insider to wedding cakes/baking, how was it planning your wedding desserts/cake?

Planning the dessert bar/cake was actually VERY difficult for us!!  Having worked around these delicious sweets for almost 4 years & always testing out new flavors, I had an overabundance of flavors that I wanted to incorporate into our cake.  I had endless options because I’ve SEEN & helped create them all.  Honestly, I truly think it would have been easier if I wasn’t an insider.  In some ways, I wish I had someone in the industry to lean on and give me advice as to what are a few exceptional flavor combos — this way I could have been done with it!  Too many flavor choices seem to confuse people more. Either way it was a BLAST taste testing!

Wedding Cake + Desserts

3) You probably see a lot of requests and notice the trends with wedding cakes, so what did you want for your own?

I’m not going to lie… I like to keep up with trends!!  To me–things wouldn’t be trendy if they weren’t worth it. I was very much into the tiny ruffled ombre cake (faded yellow to white), which I had seen more & more of coming out of the bakery.  I also had a second cake (because who wants just ONE?!).  It was a very simple 3-tier cake in white, with gray & yellow chevron on the bottom tier.  It also had a tiny cluster of succulents towards the top of the cake.

4) Did you have any part in making your cake? Or did you let the others have at it?

I had much to do with how delicious the cake turned out… but had absolutely nothing to do with how aesthetically BEAUTIFUL the cake came out!!!!!  I’m a baker, not a decorator (huge difference).  I make the cake taste decadent & sweet, while our decor teams make the vision come to LIFE.

5) Any surprises from your coworkers?

My coworkers followed my “vision” to an absolute “T” (no surprises).  While there were no surprises for my wedding…. I can’t say the same for my sister’s wedding, which took place a couple years ago.  My big sister got married on my birthday & my Sweet Cheeks co-workers knew that.  So, waiting inside my hotel room, during my sister’s wedding, was a beautiful, little birthday cake ALL FOR ME :) My coworkers had been planning that ever since they found out what day my sister’s wedding landed on!  So it ended up still being both our days!!

6) How did you meet your fiancé?

Sam & I knew each other for almost 4 years before we even started dating. He was my big bro’s friend ;)  They were not best friends, but they definitely hung around the same crowd.  We always saw each other at various get togethers, halloweens, birthday parties etc.  We talked at EVERY single event, & EVERY single time we made a “date” to hang out afterwards.  This girl right here (ME), cancelled every single time.  It wasn’t until one certain birthday party for my big bro that everything changed.  I saw Sam standing across the room & I looked at my mom and told her that I needed to be with him.  He captivated me — I was mesmerized.  I was afraid to walk up to the man that I had shamelessly turned down for the past 4 years.  Yet, I did, & he was just as sweet as the first time we’d talked.  At the end of the night I was sure he was going to ask me to hang out again… I was so ready this time…but as the night went on, he didn’t!!   I finally mustered up the courage to make the move & just ask him.  His response was, “are you ACTUALLY going to hang out with me this time?”  My face turned beet red — but as it turned out… we’ve been hanging out every day since!!

real wedding san diego

7) How did you pay for the wedding?

I was so very, very fortunate to have help from my father to pay for the wedding. “Help” is an understatement. He paid for the wedding — I helped, haha. My dad & I sat down, talked budget, & then I did some serious research. I made sure to fit his budget that he so generously allowed me. I did my very best & by golly, we were pretty darn close!! I think anyone can have a beautiful wedding on a budget if you just take the time to do the research & include some DIY projects! We would not have had the perfect wedding if it wasn’t for him–we are indebted! What he gave Sam & I will never be forgotten or taken for granted. The things I took care of were the centerpieces, all wedding decor, favors, frames, guestbooks, etc.

-The Yonedas

Weddings in Temecula

For more amazing photos of Katrina + Sam’s wedding, visit E3 Photography’s Facebook page!


Vendors Involved:

Wedding Photography: Eddie Garcia – E3 Photography

Wedding Venue: Temecula Creek Inn

Wedding Coordinator, Designer & Florist: Carmin Cermak – Carmin Design

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